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17 November 2006 @ 11:59 am
We didn't have a photographer, per se, but here are some of the photos from our wedding on the 29th.

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All the stress (and there wasn't really that much) of planning was worth it. It was such a beautiful day. Windy, but otherwise absolutely lovely.
16 November 2006 @ 08:34 pm
We picked up our CD with the professional photos...
Here are a few of my faves (for those of you who have not seen them yet)
... and it's not reall dial up friendly.

PS... if you really want to seem them all, let me know.

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09 November 2006 @ 05:13 pm
Here are our wedding photos as promised!! It was such a wonderful day!!

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08 November 2006 @ 04:13 pm

Our wedding day was perfect! John stayed Friday night at his dad's so we wouldn't see each other on Saturday (duh!) so I was home alone Friday night! I took a couple of Benedryl before I went to bed so I would be sure of getting enough rest. I woke up on Saturday beyond excited and really didn't know what to do with myself, so I went to the grocery store to get breakfast for the girls and came home and cut up lots and lots of fruit! Jenni arrived at 10:15am and we chatted, ate food and waited for my sister. She arrived at about 10:45 and we all went to the salon for our hair! We were done by about noon, so we went back to our house and ate more and Adria came over, so we just hung out and waited until it was time to go to the hotel. We got to the hotel and went down to the bar for some drinks, my sister gave her toast there (she was really nervous and didn't want to cry in front of everyone at the reception) and my mom joined us at about 4:00! We went back upstairs so the girls could get ready and I could do my make-up (none of us had any make-up on until then!) when Lena got there! They all got dressed and then we were off to the wedding!

There were already sooo many people there when we got there, and I was a little bummed that people could see me before I was dressed, but they were excited! I got dressed and talked to the coordinator and took lots of photos and before I knew it, we were starting! We had the ceremony outside at 6:30pm, so it was chilly and a little windy, but I didn't even notice it, my heart was beating so fast and I was so happy! We both said our vows and within five minutes (yes, it really was that fast!) we were inside and signing the marriage license! Photos were a little difficult and drawn out, but once they were (finally) out of the way, we ate our Italian feast, danced, cut the cake and just chatted until, in a flash, it was time to go! I have to say that weddings go by so much faster when they're your own! Wow! We got in the limo, went to the hotel, drank lots of champagne, and you can guess the rest! *wink*

We're still waiting on the professional photos, but when we get them, they'll be here in a flash!!
06 November 2006 @ 10:04 pm

I was married October 21 and returned from my honeymoon about a week ago.  Things have been really crazy with trying to find places for all the wedding gifts, me starting a new job, and just plain trying to get back into the swing of things.  Everything was beautiful and I was very proud of all the work we put into our wedding, though there were a few snags that couldn't realy be helped.

The Ceremony

- We had a full Catholic mass at the church I grew up in, and a priest I had worked with at another church (I was an organist/pianist for a long time) officiated the ceremony.  

- My aunt sang, my former piano teacher played the piano, my great aunt played the organ, and we hired a cellist that taught at the university I attended, and the music was absolutely beautiful.  I also wrote a song to be sung during the lighting of the unity candle and it was just awesome to hear it for the first time at that point in the ceremony.  I chose a couple of traditional songs that everyone uses and some classical, traditional songs that I hardly ever am asked to do at weddings, so I feel like that aspect of our ceremony was very unique to us.  

- My husband and I used the Catholic version of the vows, but we chose to memorize them.  Ours was the first wedding I had ever been to (and I've played for a lot of weddings) where the vows were memorized, and I was so proud of us for not screwing it up!  

- The flowers turned out beautifully and the decor was at just the right amount - not too much, but enough to notice they were there.  

- My husband and I did our own programs and they turned out very well.

- We did as many pictures beforehand as we could without my husband and I seeing each other.  Even though there was some time between the ceremony and the reception, it at least cut down on the total amount of time.  

- Things did not go as planned as far as timing in the morning and I was totally later than I wanted to be, but it all worked out in the end.  I stayed surprisingly calm and things turned out great!

The Reception

- I hated that there was so much time between the ceremony and the reception, but there really wasn't much that we could do about it.

- The caterer served slaw instead of salad but everyone must have liked it because they were completely out of slaw by the time dinner was over.  

- The DJ started to play the wrong song for the father/daughter dance, but realized his mistake and fixed it.  No biggie....

- Things were so crazy bc everyone wanted to talk to me...I felt like I needed an agent or someone to fight back all the people trying to talk to me...

- We chose the specific songs to be played during introductions, cake cutting, garter toss, bouquet toss, last song, anniversary dance, etc....and it all worked out very well.

- When we did the anniversary dance, my grandparents had been married the longest and it was really neat to watch everyone to see who won!

- My husband and I choreographed a medly of dances (tango, swing, and rumba) and we performed it at the reception.  We handpicked the music and then my husband cut and spliced them together with his mad computer science skills.  The only regret I have is that we didn't do it earlier in the night.  However it was so hot in the hall that I kept needing to go outside to get fresh air, and then my bustle broke, so I was worried about tripping over my dress.  

- My mom and I (with some help from my inlaws and my husband) decorated the tables and did the centerpieces....the decor turned out really well and people commented on how pretty the tables were. 

- We had about 300 guests at the wedding and we didn't get to talk to everyone.  I hated that aspect of it, but there was just no possible way.  A lot of people had left by the time all of the scheduled events were over.  We chose not to do a receiving line bc it would have made dinner and getting to the reception even later.  I don't know how else we could have done things to alleviate this problem.  

This is all I could think of at the moment...but it was just so wonderful.  People commented on how elegant, beautiful, and classy our wedding was, and I got a ton of comments about the music, which I was really happy about, being a musician myself.  We spent 7 nights at Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica for our honeymoon and it was beautiful there.  We highly recommend that resort!  Anyway, I will post pictures when I get a chance!

05 November 2006 @ 03:47 pm
Hi everyone!! Hubby and I JUST got back from the Honeymoon in Disney (aka: just down the street)! Everything was WONDERFUL, yet it all still seems so unreal! I can't believe it's all over! AWWWWWW.

I'll be back sometime with a proper update and pictures! CHAO! And congratulations to all past, present, and future brides!
01 November 2006 @ 06:30 pm
We returned from the honeymoon yesterday - late afternoon.
It was WONDERFUL, and it was very difficult to come back to chilly Western PA.

The wedding was wonderful. THe dress wasn't TOO tight... and I actually was not very nervous at ALL.
The reception was SO much fun.

Overall, I would have to say that I'm still not sure that all the time, money, and headache that goes into planning the wedding is worth the end result (Especially the money)... But we had a helluva good time on the 21st. I guess that's all that matters, right?
I'll be posting lots of photos at some point (wedding, honeymoon, etc.)
If you'd like to see HUNDREDS of the professional wedding photos...
go to www.dlmphotography.com
click "view event" on the top menu bar
click photo on the view event page

we are the Johnson & Wimer Wedding... the password is wim102106

I've been giving out the info to everyone and their mother... what's a few hundred more? :)
31 October 2006 @ 08:24 am

Hopefully this will be the last of my name change questions...

I posted a couple days ago about keeping my maiden name as a second middle name, and I asked other people how they filled out things like job applications and forms at the doctor's office, etc.  Most people said that they just use their first middle name for things like that and they rarely use their maiden name.  So I was wondering...what things actually have your maiden name as a middle name on it?  Just your Social Security card and Driver's License?  Or just your Social Security card?  I don't necessarily care if it's on absolutely everything....I just want that name (my maiden name) to be part of my "legal" name so that if I ever do research or am published in my field, I am able to use it....

29 October 2006 @ 10:48 am
I'm getting married today!!!
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28 October 2006 @ 04:38 pm

Just a couple questions about the name change process.....

1.  What's the order of places you go to?  For example, is it easier to go to the social security office, then the license branch, etc.?

2.  I posted a question awhile back about keeping my maiden name but still taking my husband's last name.  I don't remember who it was, but someone mentioned that they kept their maiden name as a second middle name and took their husband's last name as her actual last name.  I am pretty sure that that's what I'm going to do, but I just wondered if it posed a problem when filling out other legal forms, like at the doctor's office, job applications, etc.  Like, if there's only room to list one middle name, is it ok to leave my maiden name out and just put my real middle name, or am I obligated to list absolutely everything every time?  I'm just curious as to how all this works out so I know before I actually do it.

Any advice would be appreciated!