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October 2006 Weddings

Autumn nuptuals here we come!

Brides and Grooms of October 2006
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Have a wedding planned for October of 2006? Need a place to commune with others that are planning for the same? Need someone to keep you on task?

This community was created for those with weddings in October of 2006 to share ideas, post their progress and keep each other on task.

Your friendly neighborhood moderator is like67.

Basic Rules of the Community:

These rules are pretty standard, but I do ask that we all abide by them. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please e-mail me. Thank you!

1. Spam will not be tolerated. For now, spam will be defined as any post completely off the topic of planning weddings, and/or your relationship. E-bay auctions that are wedding related are allowed, but please hide them behind a LJ cut. You may also recommend other wedding-related communities, but only after receiving approval from the moderator. Spammers will be immediately banned without warning.

2. No Drama. Drama in this community will not be tolerated, and drama initiators (and drama inflamers,) will be banned without warning. If you find something or someone personally annoying, ignore them. It should also be noted here that people who are planning all sorts of non-traditional weddings and ceremonies are welcome here. If these kinds of ceremonies make you uncomfortable, please just ignore the posts that refer to non-traditional weddings and all aspects thereof. Thank you.

3. Please post all long URL's, long posts, and pictures behind a LJ cut. Thank you in advance for being considerate.

4. Anyone caught personally attacking another member will be banned. This sort of ties in with Rule #2, but this sort of thing will not be tolerated at all. I'd like this to be a helpful and polite community. If you can't respectfully disagree with someone or express the fact that something is not your style in a civil manner, please don't ask to be allowed to post again in this community. This rule basically translates into "Treat others as you would like to be treated." Thanks.

Please comment on this entry to have your wedding date added to the community list.

A note from your moderator:
While there is bound to be cross-posting and that is perfectly fine and totally welcome and accepted, it would be wonderful to get some posting in this community that is not cross-posted to other communities. Posts that are tailored for this community (and perhaps your personal journal as well) that will really help us get to know each other and outline what we want and what we are looking for matrimonily speaking. We can be excellent sources for inspiration and knowledge for each other and all have a special connection. I will try and aid this as much as possible by being very actively involved and posting moderator posts that will be designed to help keep everyone up-to-date with planning, involved in the community and each other, and that will hopefully get us all very familiar with each other and the weddings that we are planning. When you join please feel free to make an introduction and include details about yourself, your fiance(e) and the wedding you are planning. Don't forget to include the date so that I can add it to our dates list. :o) Feel free to tell other October 2006 brides and grooms about the community.

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