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09 December 2006 @ 12:00 pm
Wedding Recap  
My wedding was October 28, 2006. It was amazing, magical and beautiful.

Photos: Stacey Atkin did our photography, click on "Online Proofing" at the bottom, then "Rose & Carl's Wedding" the password is: "Mellick" there is a drop down box on the top left for viewing the different sections (getting ready, ceremony, reception etc)

Location: McMenamin's Edgefield a winery, brewery, distillery, hotel. It's a very unique place with lots of artistic touches, all the rooms have original art painted on the walls by local artists. We stayed there with our whole family and rented out a separate building which was a victorian style house on the property with 6 rooms. It was perfect for partying in all weekend with our out of town family and friends.

Theme: Black & White Postmodern Surreal Wedding

Attire: All our guests wore Black & White, I wore a red dress that I designed myself and had my friend sew. He wore a tux with a red vest, top hat and cane.

Music: We used the beautiful enchanting music from the "Amelie" soundtrack (Yann Tiersen) for the seating and the title music from "A Clockwork Orange" for the processional. For the recessional and during dinner we played traditional music from the Andes by a band Quichua Mashis

Unusual Touches:

Bells - each guest received a hand molded brass bell from India when they arrived. They were about 2" tall and there were 8 different varieties.

Lighting - right before the ceremony we turned off all the lights and our guests were in complete darkness for about 20 seconds. Our ushers lit lanterns at the front of the room and walked down the aisle from the front to the back accompanied by music. Then they walked up the aisle the correct way and lit candles lining the aisle until they reached the front where they lit candelabras.

Our processional began with Carl (groom) coming out to the title music of A Clockwork Orange. He carried a black rose (a longstem red rose from Brazil with thorns still intact that the florist painted completely black) and a cane and wore a top hat.

After the groom walked down the aisle during the processional he was followed by our friend Joolz on stilts. Joolz was dressed all in white with his face painted black and white and carrying the canopy fabric. Behind him was his wife, our friend Kimberlee also on stilts with face painted, she also had a long white outfit and in her sleeve she carried white rose petals which she scattered in the aisle and atop people's heads. When they got to the front they each took two corners of the fabric and held it aloft to form the "living canopy" and create a sacred space between them. If you have ever seen people on stilts, they don't stand still, so the whole time they were gently swaying back and forth. On top of the canopy were more white rose petals.

When I came down the aisle (to a different version of the Clockwork Orange theme) I carried two white long stem roses. I walked half the room by myself until I arrived at the back of the aisle where I met both my dad and stepdad who walked me down the aisle together. When I reached the front row I kissed my dad's goodbye and I turned and gave one of my white roses to my mother and the other rose to the grooms mother. Then I took the last few steps by myself towards Carl. When I reached him he handed me his black rose.

Our ceremony included drinking mead from a ceremonial cup which was hand painted by the groom, enchanging vows and a handfasting ceremony. We also had a giant canvas (6' wide) suspended as a backdrop behind the officiant which was covered in black and white fabric. At the appropriate time, the officiate pulled a string which caused the blank canvas to be revealed. Then we each took a paint brush and I dipped mine in red and he dipped his in blue and we placed the first paint on the canvas together and swirled our colors together in the middle to create purple. Then later during our reception we asked all of our friends to contribute to the painting (the center of it was reserved for a portrait of the two of us to be painted by our friend)

At the conclusion of our ceremony we had our first kiss. All the guests rang their bells, the Ecuadorian music came on and Joolz and Kimberlee flipped the fabric canopy so all the rose petals floated down on top of us.

Reception: The centerpieces were vases hand painted by the groom with three white roses with black paint on them in each one. The guest book was hand made by the bride and her sister out of fabric from the bridal gown. The cake was designed by the bride and groom together.

Dancing: I am a tango dancer and teach tango lessons. I taught my husband a few moves and we dances a tango for our first dance. Before the dance I changed into a separate skirt that my friend who made my gown also made. After our first dance we invited all of my tango friends to dance around us to the next few tangos.

Everything was gorgeous, the weather was fantastic crisp fall weather with beautiful fall color. I couldn't have hoped for more.
afuturewifeafuturewife on December 9th, 2006 08:15 pm (UTC)
wow so much detail. sounds amazing! (and really fun)
Take any heart, take mine!mabels on December 9th, 2006 08:29 pm (UTC)
XCant wait to see more pictures! Your dress is stunning!